Lakers lose to the worst team in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers!

It looks like my prediction about the Lakers being a weak and losing team is coming to fruition. Though I did not foresee Lebron James(the G.O.A.T.) getting hurt I still had the Lakers finishing 9th in the west, just out of the playoffs which would be Lebron's first time not

Jimmy Butler joins the Philadelphia 76ers!

I am happy for Jimmy because the 76ers are a good team and with him, they will be even better. He is teaming up with Ben Simmons and Joel Embid. These two can be All Stars, both very skilled and talented players. Joel Embid is the embodiment of the modern

Lakers Season will be big disappointment for Laker fans and supporters.

This Laker season should be a very disappointing one for Laker fans, even the so called experts predicting for them to go so far as the WCF. That is absolutely and positively absurd. Have we all forgotten that the Lakers finished with a 35-47 record? Yes Lebron James made the

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