A closer look into the 2011 NBA Finals, Lebrons or Eriks fault game 2

Continuing to take a look into the 2011 NBA finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. The main reason is because people tend to bring up this NBA finals in the argument of Lebron vs Jordan for being the greatest of all time. Also further reinforcing my point that Championships are a team accomplishment not an individual accomplishment.

Last post I covered game 1 now I look into game 2 starting from the 1st quarter.

Just like in game 1, Erik starts Joel on Nowitzki instead of Bosh which is not a smart move as Joel is good rim protector but not that quick laterally and not a good perimeter defender, Bosh and Haslem is the correct match up.

One possession on offense Joel Anthony is holding onto the ball near the three point line, dribbles towards Wade and hands it off with 13 seconds left on the shot clock, now Wade is dribbling the ball 4 ft. beyond the three point arch with Nowitzki on him dribbling the ball all the way down to 6 seconds on the clock and finally fires a pass to Bosh in the paint which makes the shot. But ideally you want to get into your offense much earlier in the shot clock, Mavericks bailed them out by coming to double team Wade out beyond the arch when tried to make a move and Bosh was open. This to me is an indication that there is no half court set/offense.

Another possession, Wade gets the ball and tries to create a shot while everyone else stands and watches, Wade takes a fade away jumper at the top of the key which is an ok shot but they could have gotten much better with player movement. Another example of no half court offensive sets.

Wade ball watching goes to help in the paint and leaves Terry open who knocks down the open three. Same mistake the Heat did in game 1, leaving shooters open. This should have been addressed after game 1.

On a inbound pass, Bibby gives Kidd space and Kidd shoots and makes the open three, Bibby tries to close and contest but it’s to late. Kidd for most of his career was not a reliable three point shooters but he had improved his shot enough by this finals that you had to respect his shot. Erik should have known this and had his guys stick to him like glue.

Three Mavericks open beyond the arch, while Nowitzki has the ball in the post, but instead of passing Dirk shoots a semi contested shot instead of passing to the open man. Heat lucked out on that possession.

Bosh ball watching goes to help out against Dirk driving, and leaves Chandler near the basket, Dirk passes to him and gets fouled.

Joel leaves Hayward to help against a cutting Terry, Haslem moves over to cover Haward, now Nowitzki is open for a catch and shoot, Lebron tries to recover and contest but it’s late, Dirk makes them pay.

At about 4 minutes and 55 seconds in Williams leaves Kidd wide open to help against a driving Shawn Marion, luckily Marion didn’t kick it out to Kidd for a open three.

Joel left his man Brendan Haywood who was right next to the rim to go help against Terry who was running off of two screens.

They get James in the post and then pile up on one side of the court, they should have someone on the wing outside the arch and if his man goes to help just yell weak side! Poor floor spacing and they took way to long to get into that play, James makes a step back fade away jumper slightly contested to beat the buzzer. The type of play that should be avoided.

Lebron James the GOAT

In the 2nd quarter,

Haslem goes out to far to show against the pick and leaves Haywood wide open near the basket again.

Bosh set the pick for Wade instead of popping outside he rolls towards the defense and Wade tries to make the pass and it results in a turnover.

Chalmers is caught ball watching as J.J. driving off a pick and leaves Terry wide open it’s an easy catch and shoot for Terry who doesn’t make the shot but a poor defensive possession nonetheless.

Hayward is much slower than Bosh and Bosh should take advantage of that take Hayward to the hole and/or score in the post.

Haslem goes to help against Kidd driving to the rim who then lobs it to Chandler for the easy deuce. Even the commentators know, never double team a passer.

Miller leaves Kidd to double team Nowitzki who finds him and luckily Kidd misses the wide open three. But this seems to be a theme of the Heat leaving shooters open. Haslem is pretty good low post defender so he should have just been left on one on one. If Dirk scores 30 it’s fine if he had to shoot and make tough contested shots but shut down his teammates by staying on them.

In the 3rd quarter,

Anthony on Dirk again a bad match up, double teaming Kidd outside the arch leads to a Maverick offensive rebound.

Bosh ball watching while leaving chandler open near the rim which is fouled by Chandler to prevent a dunk.

Four Heat defenders not named Lebron James stood and watched Marion drive to the hoop while they stood in and around the paint.

With about 1:38 left in the 3rd quarter, too much standing and watching Lebron dribble. Mike Miller should be running off screens for a catch and shoot and Lebron should be taking it hard to the rim, if they double him it’s a kick out and if not it’s a finish at the rim or a foul instead Lebron shoots a fade away three pointers to beat the shot clock.

Lebron finally drives to the rim off a screen and gets a thunderous dunk. Should have been doing that more often.

Before the start of the 4th, Erik is interviewed and says that, “we have to get up into the airspace and rely on help” which is not true, it’s the opposite, play your best match up against him one on one and contest as best possible and shut down his supporting cast.

Again ball watching as the shot goes up and no box out on Marion gives up a 2nd chance shot which goes in.

Chalmers ball watching as Terry jogs to the open spot, catches and makes a open jumper.

Again the Heat ball watching and leaves Kidd wide open for three and he knocks it down.

Bosh should have been posting up closer to the basket in the post instead of driving from so far away from the paint. Should have been posted just outside the paint and scored some points in the post.

Three heat players chasing after the ball out beyond the arch and it’s a simple bounce pass to a wide open Dirk who knocks down the jumper.

So the Heat fail to score in the half court sets because of not enough player and ball movement and too much Isolation, resulting in tough shots that didn’t go in while the Mavericks got easy shots and open shots on the other end.

The final play, Erik decides to put Bosh on Dirk rather than Haslem, Dirk spins past Bosh for the easy lay in. That decision may have well costed the Heat that game. I have pointed out many things that should have been addressed by the coach but wasn’t. If one thing had been addressed it might have been a different outcome for example, no more ball watching. If Erik told his guys in the huddle no more ball watching, that alone might have resulted in a Heat win.

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