Anthony Davis should go to the Boston Celtics

Anthony Davis should go to the Boston Celtics because the Celtics are a contender and have a very deep team that is young, athletic, talented, execute well and have Superstar Kyrie Irving, former Allstar Al Horford, soon to be All stars Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum they defend and score efficiently and is well coached.

The Boston Celtics are true contenders, the Lakers on the other hand are pretenders. They have a decent record for now but that will change as they face tougher challenges. They’ve had a relatively easy schedule for the most part and almost every time the Lakers met a good team resulted in a loss. The Warriors basically beat themselves and shot themselves in the foot and shot horribly from the field and their best players got into early foul trouble. I guarantee you it will be a much different ball game next time they meet.

Lebron James is entering into the last years of his career. He is clearly a few steps slower and has to take breaks on defense to catch his breath and as a result, you see players drive right by him.

Kyrie Irving on the other hand is in his prime. One of the best ball handlers, if not thee best ball handler in the league, he can score from anywhere on the court, has decent court vision and a very capable defender and is clutch.  Lebron James has shown that he is not really a clutch least not on the same level as other past and present superstars especially Michael Jordan.  So if the game is on the line, Lebron is not necessaringly the go to guy but Kyrie has nerves of steel and has shown to have no fear of taking and making the clutch shots down the stretch.

Celtics have better 3 point shooting big men which will give Anthony Davis more space to do work in the paint.

Celtics have playoff experience, they took Lebron’s Cavaliers to 7 games without Kyrie and Hayward their two best players this past season in the Eastern Conference finals. The Lakers on the other hand, more than half the Laker roster has never even been to the first round let alone a Conference finals which makes a big difference come playoff time when going for a ring.

The Celtics also have more to offer New Orleans talent and depth wise. So it makes more sense for New Orleans to deal Anthony Davis to the Celtics. Further more, the Celtics have the most Championships than any other team in the League. If Anthony is about winning the Championship he should go to a team with the best Championship history, Lebron couldn’t get it done with Cleveland and Kevin Love, Lebron can’t get it done by himself on the Lakers. Kyrie is not alone in Boston, so if Anthony is not about the money but about winning than Anthony goes to the Celtics.

The Celtics are also in the Eastern Conference which historically has been the weaker conference. Which means it takes less effort to get wins, less effort to advance in the playoffs. Which means more energy to expend during the playoffs. This of course is theoretically because the season is still young and there’s been a lot of changes since last season so we will have to see who the real good teams are as the weaker teams fall towards the bottom of the rankings.

There’s also been talk from other superstars in the League that don’t want to play with Lebron James. It’s more than one superstar which means theres must be some merit to it. The Lakers had a chance to get other stars like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard but despite the Laker efforts they chose to stay away from the Lakers and Lebron.

The bottom line is Anthony Davis would be way better off going to the Boston Celtics…for many reasons. The Lakers are pretenders and the Celtics are contenders and if Anthony wants a ring or two or three its clear he needs to go the Celtics.

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8 thoughts on “Anthony Davis should go to the Boston Celtics

  1. It’s interesting you say that the The Boston Celtics are true contenders while the Lakers are pretenders. I’ve been telling my brother this for a long time now and he just shrugs me off, but you’ve definitely gone and proved me right just as I thought all along. And Lebron James definitely isn’t as good as he used to be since he has to stop and catch his breath frequently whereas the more young players are more active and outperforming him in regards to stamina. Great article, definitely an eye opener. I’ll be back for more!

    1. Yes that’s correct, the Celtics are a dangerous team.  The Lakers, achilles heel is Javale Mcgee, get Mcgee into foul trouble and its lay up session on the Lakers all night which then opens up the outside game that much more against them. Playoff time is when you know who the true contenders are because its a very different ball game during the playoffs.  Yes that’s right, I consider Lebron to be the G.O.A.T. but father time is catching up to him. 

      Thank you! I try to update at least once a week.

  2. This is great basketball insight i know where to come when trying to get the best basketball  and sports information. i can tell you have a real passion when it comes to sports. I thought this was a great move for the celtics to pick up davis what are your thoughts? Who do you think is going to win the championship this year?

    1. Thank you! I have a real passion for  NBA basketball and Hawaii Football.  Davis is still a Pelican, he probably wont leave until the summer time and he is tired of being on a losing team, he hungry to win.  So my thoughts is join the Celtics who have good young talent with some veterans, team up with Kyrie, Horford and Hayward and win a Championship, the biggest prize any team can win in the NBA, the ultimate award.   Right now its early to say but if I had to choose a the two teams to be in the finals, I would say Celtics vs Warriors.

  3. Hi! I’m also convinced that Anthony Davis should go to the Celtics. There are some points were I agree and others were I disagree, but at the end of the day, Anthony Davis should be with the Celtics.

    I personally believe that the Celtics being the team with the best Championship history has nothing to do with their opportunity to win a new one (just my personal opinion). But I do agree that the Celts being in the weaker conference have to press less effort to advance in the playoffs. Celts having playoff experience is also important. And I also agree that the Boston Celtics are well coached!

    1. Hi! That’s great! You see light! haha   That is correct!

      That might be true however it is one thing to go to a arena and see championship banners hanging in the rafters and give you a sense of pride of being a part of that team which could be movitvation to win more. Compared to teams that have 0 Championship banners hanging in the rafters.

      Yes absolutely the East has been weaker for quite sometime, that is why the NBA did away with East vs West for the All star teams because the gap in talent just got bigger and bigger.

      Yes absolutely!  Playoff experience cannot be taught, its either you have been there or you haven’t as the playoffs are a totally different ball game from the regular season.

  4. Great post and good info. 

    As you know I’m not a huge fan of it so I don’t know too much about it, however, I have a very good friend who is totally interested in it. 

    I’m going to ask his opinion about what you wrote, if Anthony Davis should go to the Boston Celtics or not. 

    I will let you know soon what he said about it. 

    Thanks for sharing it. 

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