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How I was able to get my 37 inch vertical leap actually came from delivering newspaper. Yup that’s right delivering newspapers. The secret was riding bicycle up steep hills.

The funny thing is that I never really knew I had a high vertical leap, but I did discover I had an above average broad jump back in intermediate school because it was measured in P.E.(Physical Education). You had to jump forward as far as you can on a measured mat. So you get to see everyone in your class jump and I was one of the top if not the one with the farthest leap. But it wasn’t until junior year in high school when I was told that I jump high by one of the guys I used to play basketball with all the time, a Korean guy named LJ. He made the comment, “you jump so fricken high” and it was from then on I began to notice the difference between my jump and everyone else.

There was one play where I jumped and the guy guarding me jumped after me I was still going up and the defender was on the way down as I still went up and up and finally shot the jumper.

The most memorable block for me was in high school, during weight training class. I purposely gave a chubby kid lots of space between me and him so he thought he was open which technically he was, there was about 5 maybe 6 feet of space between me and him. He shot the ball and after one or two steps and I jumped, the ball was still on the way up and was above the rim when I nipped the bottom of the ball, you could see the rotation of the ball was reversed after I nipped it.

So after I realized that I indeed jump higher than most people, I didn’t know how I got that jumping ability. It wasn’t until after I stopped playing basketball regularly that I realized how it was that I was able to jump so high.

It was because of riding bicycle everyday up steep hills carrying newspaper on my shoulder or on my handle bars. When I had the bag on my handle bars it was harder because you had to spread your legs out much farther than normal because the bag is in the way loaded with about 50 newspapers. Delivering newspapers was a 7 days a week job. So I rode up steep hills delivering newspapers every day for about 6 years. On Sunday, it was much worst because the newspapers were so thick. So the loads were much heavier.

This is how I got hops but you don’t have to spend 6 years delivering newspaper to get a high vertical jump. You can simply buy yourself a pair of jumpsoles! Shoes designed to help you build fast twitch muscles and gain 9 to 15inches on your vertical leap!

Click the picture below get yourself a pair of jumpsoles and a instructional DVD:

8 thoughts on “How to jump higher for basketball..what I did.

  1. This is a really interesting post, thank you for sharing your story! 

    This relates to me however I found out with football (soccer if you’re from the US). I was noticing I was winning a lot of headers in the midfield and was able to jump a lot higher than most players. 

    I think this was down to my previous kickboxing experience, which built my leg muscles a lot- which of course relates to your cycling- building leg muscle.

    Thanks for a fun post, was interesting to read!

    1. Thank you and your welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

      Oh ok, headers meaning bumping the ball off your head right?

      Oh you studied kickboxing! Awesome!  What exercises did you do that helped you with jumping?

  2. Great post! I also played ball in high school so I know the feeling when you get a great block in the game. I’ve never heard of jumpsoles before. How do they work exactly? Are you supposed to work out in them? Or is it something that you just practice your jumps in?

    1. Thank you! Oh really? Did you play for your school?  I didn’t play for mine, either of them as I transferred my junior year. Yes!  What a feeling it is to swat a shot and send it flying in the opposite direction. There’s no feeling like it. haha  Oh yea?  They’ve been around a while. They attach to your shoes and don’t allow your heels to touch the ground so your calves take most of the weight.  Both, just walking with them can be a work out.

  3. Who knew riding a bicycles full of newspapers could make a kid jump higher in the long run? I bet basket ball players all over the world would include it in their routine exercise from a young age if they knew. Its surprising how our daily habits/ activities can create such a huge difference in our physiological abilities.

     I can deduce therefore from your write up that the most important muscle to develop for a jumper are those of the leg ; the stronger they are the better our chances of jumping higher and father.


    1. Not me! haha Quite possibly yes, ride bike up hills can do wonders to your leg muscles, I used to ride up some really steep hills, the type that you can only go up with the easiest gears.  Absolutely!

      Yes thats correct! I always fairly strong calves, from elementary to if I remember correctly.

  4. This article explains a lot!

    I also used to deliver papers and, as a 5’8″ average built guy, I was able to jump up and hang on the rim. Now, still the same height and affected more by gravity, I stand under a rim, reach toward it and realized my leap was pretty impressive.

    This article took me back a few years and in many ways. While I never played on a team (I had really poor grades), I have always enjoyed a game at the gym or down on the school yard.

    Today, I have a teen who is 6’1″ and wants to develop his vertical jump.

    Do these jump soles cause a higher leap while they are worn? Or do they better develop the muscles needed to jump higher? Or both?

    Thank you for a very informative article that was also fun because it made me reflect on my youth.

    1. Oh ok, whats interesting is that I was about 5’8 at the time and then i grew a few inches and now I’m 5’10.

      Do you know how many inches your vertical leap was?

      I also never played for school.  But only at the gym with friends in pick up games or at the parks.  The main reason I didn’t join is because I was very shy at the time and didn’t want to play in front of a crowd.

      Oh wow!  Awesome.

      Both, the jump soles make it so your heels can’t touch the ground therefore putting more strain on the calf muslces so yes just wearing them could be a work out. 

      Your welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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