Lakers lose to the worst team in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers!

It looks like my prediction about the Lakers being a weak and losing team is coming to fruition. Though I did not foresee Lebron James(the G.O.A.T.) getting hurt I still had the Lakers finishing 9th in the west, just out of the playoffs which would be Lebron’s first time not making the playoffs if memory suits me correctly.

The Lakers just lost to the worst team in the NBA which is Cleveland Cavaliers who were 8-34 coming into the game against the them. The Cavs were also coming off a 12 game losing streak which was broken with a win against the Lakers.

No amount of injuries or excuses can be made for this loss for the Lakers. It shows to me just how great Lebron is, that when he goes down, his team drops like a rock. The Cavs were in the NBA finals just last season and now they are thee worst team in the League. People say they lost other players but they are just role players. The Cavs would not have made it to the finals if Lebron was not on that roster. When Lebron was healthy the Lakers were 4th in the west, he goes down now the Lakers are tied for 8th with the Jazz at 23-21. The Jazz are definitely a better team even if the Lakers are fully healthy. So it is a guarantee Lakers will fall to 9th and probably will sink to the 11th spot in the west at least..until Lebron returns because the Lakers schedule is about to get much tougher.

The Lakers face my Bulls tomorrow and there is very good chance the Bulls will win. After the Bulls the Lakers will face the Thunder, Rockets, Warriors, Suns, 76ers, Clippers, Warriors again, Pacers, Celtics and 76ers again.

If the Lakers lose to the Knicks and Cavaliers and perhaps my Bulls soon, we could be looking at a fairly long losing streak which might be broken against the Suns but right now the Lakers look like a team that can lose to anybody because they just lost to a few of the worst teams in the League.

It looks like Lebron is expected to be out some weeks and if that’s the case the Lakers will be below .500 by the time Lebron returns. Which means my prediction for Lakers 9th might come true as the Lakers might make a run when he returns but fall short of the playoffs as the West is a tough conference. However, I might just change my prediction to the Lakers finishing 10th in the west.

What about you? What is your prediction for Lakers at the end of the season? Feel free to comment below.

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