Lakers Season will be big disappointment for Laker fans and supporters.

This Laker season should be a very disappointing one for Laker fans, even the so called experts predicting for them to go so far as the WCF. That is absolutely and positively absurd. Have we all forgotten that the Lakers finished with a 35-47 record? Yes Lebron James made the mistake and joined that weak Laker team and he will regret it as I stated in my previous post if he isn’t already.

Only the second game into the season and already the Lakers got into fights and had two players suspended in Rajan Rondo and Brandon Ingram. That is just sad and a big reason why I hate the Lakers not because of past success but because they are drama Queens and I wrote about that in my previous post: some reasons why I hate the Lakers.

Yes the Lakers got Lebron James the greatest player of all time. They signed Lance Stephenson, Rajan Rondo, Michael Beasley and Javale Mcgee all whom can’t shoot from the outside. They are defensive players, Mcgee’s skill set is like Deandre Jordan who has to rely on lobs to score, he’s mostly good for shot blocking and rebounding. Mcgee also has been on the Shaqtin a fool many times because of the many bone head plays he made in the past.

Lance Stephensonis a huge trash talker, arrogant and another dirty player. For his career averages .305 from three point range. Fairly crappy. Can defend but a step slow.

JaFail Mcgee, oh I’m sorry I meant Javale Mcgee, is a poor mans version of Deandre Jordan. It’s fairly easy to counter his game, simply keep your body between him and the basket and prevent him from running and jumping which essentially shuts down the alley oop lobs to him which aside from put backs is his main source of scoring. Then when he’s on defense, you simply keep him guessing are you going to shoot are you going to dribble more than shoot, are you pumping faking and shooting or pump fake, pump fake than fade and shoot, up and under. This will force him to keep his feet on the ground or get caught up in the air and just maneuver past him for a easy shot.

Rajan Rondo, has been known to cause problems amongst his own team with the coach, teammates and opponents. Rajan Rondo can’t shoot, can sag on him all day. Rondo has a career .311 average from three point range.

Lebron James is the greatest of all time no doubt about but he made a huge mistake joining this weak Laker team. However, Lebron is 33 years old and playing his 16th season. He is showing signs of slowing down, he simply cannot play full throttle for a entire game anymore. You see him slack on defense to save energy for offense, opponents get past him time and again. With the lack of shooters on the Lakers team, Lebron will have to shoot from the outside a lot more often especially in comparison with the Eastern Conference Champion Cavaliers who had lots of shooters.

With the new additions to this current Laker team it’s a ticking time bomb that has already exploded against the Rockets. Ingram and Rondo getting into a fight and suspended after only the second game into the season. I guarantee you there is more drama to come and I will enjoy watching the Lakers implode and fall way short of expectations set by the so called experts.

Steven A Smith went so far saying Western Conference finals which is absolutely shocking! How in the world did he come up with that?! Seriously?! When I first heard about the Lakers new additions, aside from Lebron I laughed, I laughed at the additions and I laughed at Lebron stupid move to the Lakers.

It will be hilarious to see the Lakers stumble and fumble through the season, the question is when will Lebron ask for a trade to a contender. A move he should have made from Cleveland or simply firing Tyron Lue rather than joining this joke of a team.

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