Many reasons to Fire John Paxson, Gar Foreman and Fred Hoiberg

Fred Hoiberg is no coach at least at the NBA level. Maybe he could have potential at coaching little kids but he is a joke of a coach and does not belong in the NBA.

The Bulls record has gotten worst each year he’s coached. In 2015, the Bulls went 42-40. In 2016, Bulls went 41-41 and in 2017 they finished 27-55. Just horrible and unacceptable. The stagnant offense and poor transition defense and poor defense in general is solely Fred Hoibergs fault.


But it was the two knuckle heads that hired him is where the real problem is. John Paxson, I am grateful for him hitting the clutch three pointer to seal the Championship for the Bulls. But him and Gar Forman do not belong in management of a professional team.

Looking back at the Jimmy Butler trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves adding the 16th overall pick to the deal was totally unnecessary. Jimmy Butler was one of the best players in the League at the time. Top 5, he’s a two-way player, could score from anywhere and could defend just as good or better than anyone else. Trading him was a dumb move, adding the 16th overall to the deal was even more dumb.

Trading away Jordan Bell for cash…ranks pretty high up there amongst one of the dumbest moves by a NBA team. An athletic big that is great defensively, great shot blocker, fairly quick for a big man, smart player that can pass the ball well and finish at the rim very well given up by the Bulls…for cash…unheard-of..except with the Bulls management.

From here on, I’m going to list a lot of the dumb moves that Paxson and later Gar Foreman have done since Paxson became Vice President in 2003.

– Traded Lonny Baxter, Donyell Marshall and Jalen Rose to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for Antonio Davis, Chris Jefferies and Jerome Williams. Jalen Rose and Donyel Marshall are much better players than those three. Antonio Davis was decent.

– Traded Dikembe Mutombo to the Houston Rockets for Eric Piatkowski, Adrian Griffin and Mike Wilks. None of those players brought any value for Dikembe who was fairly up there in age but could still defend.

– Bulls received the draft rights to No. 4 pick Tyrus Thomas and Viktor Khryapa from Portland in exchange for the draft rights to No. 2 pick LaMarcus Aldridge (Texas) and a future second-round pick. LaMarcus was an All star, Tyrus Thomas had potential but didn’t amount to anything outstanding except for some highlight reels because of his jumping ability.

– Bulls signed Ben Wallace despite already having Tyrus Thomas to a 4-year contract for a whopping $60 million starting at almost $14 million a year. One of the dumbest moves ever by the Bulls, he was redundant because Tyrus Thomas is the same exact player and they over paid Wallace. Wallace didn’t do well because the Bulls had no coach and never had a good coach until Tom Thibodeau who could coach defense but not offense.

– Bulls trade J.R. Smith to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Howard Eisley and two 2007 second-round draft picks from the Nuggets. Eisley was about 33 years old at this point and J.R. was young. Eisley was on his last years and was only a good back up PG in his Utah Jazz days.

– Bulls draft Joakim Noah despite already having Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas all of which can’t shoot to save their lives and only can play defense. That being said Noah was a good pick but just wasn’t a good fit for the Bulls at the time, I recall Jim Boylan playing all three on the floor at the same time…great defense but 0 offense.

– Bulls hired Vinny Delnegro as Head Coach…just another horrible decision.

– Bulls traded John Salmons and Bulls’ second round picks in 2011 and 2012 to Milwaukee for Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander. John Salmons was playing well for the Bulls so this trade made zero sense and they also gave up draft picks when John Salmons is a much better player than both those two combined. John Salmons averaged 12.7 points, 1.3 steals, 2.5 assists, 3.4 rebounds. Shot 49% from the field and hit 38 percent of his threes. While Hakim Warrick averaged 10.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, shot 48% from the field and 17 percent from 3 point range. Joe on the other hand average 4.7 points and 1.9 rebounds. John Salmons played very well for the Bulls and this was the best they could get for him?

-Bulls traded Kirk Hinrich, the draft rights to No. 17 pick Kevin Seraphin and cash to Washington, in exchange for the draft rights to Vladimir Veremeenko. Kirk was still a fairly valuable player for the Bulls at the time, was a pretty good defender and averaged 10.9 points, 1 steal, 4 assists, 2.5 rebounds, shot 48 percent from the field, 37% three point shooting. A No. 17 pick was also given away for..who? Vladimir Veremeenko who apparently didn’t play a game in the NBA.

– Bulls traded Kyle Korver for a 2nd…round…pick… not a first round a 2nd..round pick… Kyle Korver was Chicago’s best three point shooter since Steve Kerr. Was superbly helpful during the Bulls stagnant offense and at times struggled to score, Kyle could knock down them threes. Trading him was already a mistake, trading him for ONLY a second round pick was a disaster, absolute tragedy! Kyle was worth way more than that.

This is the type of disaster the Chicago Bulls management is, from dismantling the Jordan Dynasty because they didn’t want to bring back Phil Jackson to firing Tom Thibodeau to bring in Fred Hoiberg to replace him…. John Paxson, Gar Forman and Fred Hoiberg all need to be fired and replaced with competent Management who know to scout talent, hire an experienced coach like Larry Brown who knows how to get the Bulls to play the right way on both ends of the floor. A management that pick the right draft picks and make smart trades to keep improving the team rather than focusing on filling their pockets like John Paxson and Gar Forman.

The biggest reason the Chicago Bulls management can get away with all this is because the Bulls fan…Bull fans continue to show up to games despite all drama and crappy basketball being displayed. Chicago Bull fans are so loyal but this franchise needs an overhaul starting with the management and the Bull fans need to boycott the games and hold picket signs outside the United Center to demand to fire Fred Hoiberg, John Paxson and Gar Forman!

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6 thoughts on “Many reasons to Fire John Paxson, Gar Foreman and Fred Hoiberg

  1. I feel sorry for you and the great Chikago Bulls team that have to cope with such incompetent leadership. I’m sure some competing team fans have no problems with the Bulls slowly going down.

    Hands down to the Chikago Bulls fan scene, they support the players and enjoy the game anyway. 

    Do you see any chance for a change in the near future?

    1. Thank you, yes it’s been miserable being a Bulls fan.  After a while, I have learned to not get so fustrated but just accept the fact the Bulls are a doomed team until their management is replaced.  Oh yes definitely, but since the Jordan era, the most success this team has had is a first round exit in the playoffs against Lebron’s Heat.

      Yes I agree with that.

      There is always a chance but it has to come from the very top, the owner would have the power to fire and hire them.

  2. I think this website should be a blog on a sports forum to start a debate  asking for votes to get rid of these people who hold the franchise I think it would be a great debate to hear back from other fans and do a vote those for and those against why the fans put up with watching crappy sport knowing the coach is not keeping up with the changing game 

    I don’t know much about the Bulls and their fans or the sport myself but if you have this opinion how many others feel the same way it always fascinates me that a debate or an opinion on a sport can it cause an effect to change

    I am not sure of the purpose of this blog but it is a very strong opinion that is backed by some very strong playing figures

    So I would take this as truth but what is the whole purpose that from this strong opinion will conclude with a result to keep everyone happy or will it cause an outrage at the next game can they be voted out? bought out ?  be interesting to read others comments on this blog 

    the website to me was a swash story to keep it more engaging some pictures would have been good and the color is very dark like it was written by an angry fan I suppose it was and that was the point the stats could be bullet pointed 

    at the end its suggesting fans hold up signs sounds like a terrorist riot  to start  the game 

    You may be banned from publishing this 


    1. Hi Angelique!  Thank you but how would i get my website on the sports forum?  I am a long time Bulls fan and for this particular post, I hope to get the Chicago Bulls owner to finally make the right moves and get the Franchise moving in the right direction starting at the top. 

      Yes I very much would like to hear other fans thoughts on this subject, I am certain most if not all Bulls fans feel the same way.

      Not a terroist riot but something like when workers go on strike.  A peaceful protest outside the arena of the Chicago Bulls.  Having empty seats and unsold tickets every game will send a strong and clear message the owner of the Bulls to do the right thing should have be done many years ago.

  3. I agree Fred Hoiberg is to be blamed for the Bull’s poor run. Performance of a team is based on the synergy between the team to complement each other and to bring out the best out of each participant.

    Fred and the Management are supposed to inspire, guide and bring the team together to achieve the synergy needed to get wins. I don’t see winner strategies from the coach and this is depressing. We will continue to miss Jordan Bell.

    We the fans are doing our part, maybe a little too much that need to be done. Always showing up in our numbers to support the team only to keep receiving the bad displays time and again. Well enough is enough! We need to ouster the mediocre leadership and get fresh blood to the leadership of Chicago bulls

    1. Yups thats right along with minute distribution and dictating the match ups, deciding when and when not to call a time out etc.  All can make a huge difference, play your best player 40-plus minutes a game will probably make him very tired, when your tired your probably not going to perform your best.  If the coach doesn’t see how we can exploit match ups it could make a huge difference! For example, not knowing that Dwight Howard can’t shoot three’s so instead Fred puts Markkanen on Howard rather then Carter Jr. thinking that Dwight can shoot the three.  Maybe not the best example but it’s one off the top of my head to show the difference a coach can make!

      No winning strategies from coach or management and for many years at that, even before Paxson and Gar took over. 

      Yes! I say boycott the game and hold a peaceful protest outside the United Center. Force their hand or they will surely lose money!  What do you think?

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