Lebron James calls himself the G.O.A.T…prematurely..

Lebron James calls himself the Greatest of all time prematurely, though I agree with that statement, the nay sayers don't. I started this website to debate that very subject of Lebron James being the G.O.A.T. and not Michael Jordan anymore. I feel I have crushed that argument. (Please refer to my

Anthony Davis should go to the Boston Celtics

Anthony Davis should go to the Boston Celtics because the Celtics are a contender and have a very deep team that is young, athletic, talented, execute well and have Superstar Kyrie Irving, former Allstar Al Horford, soon to be All stars Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum they defend and score efficiently

Remembering Cleveland Cavaliers Championship against the Warriors

I reminisce about the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the Championship against the Golden State Warriors, such fond memories. At the time I did not hate the Warriors, I admired them for how they played as a unit, great team ball. It wasn't until Kevin Durant whom I nickname Kevin Didrun because of